Get to Know Us

Tim Fehr

Stemming from a business background in a variety of different roles, Tim brings a unique perspective on business development and authentic relationship building.  With experience working for a tech start-up, and nurturing relationships in professional services, client success, marketing and luxury sales, Tim truly enjoys connecting with people and making them happy.

Throughout his corporate experience, Tim developed a clear vision of the fragmentation and lack of communication between individuals, teams and different departments of a corporation. He found that this same disconnect can be found in most types of relationships that require interaction and important decisions to be made when working towards a common goal. 

Tim has developed a niche expertise for weaving intricate knowledge into understandable and relatable conversations that promote comfort in the decision-making process. He shares the firm’s belief that by working together cohesively, his team can help individuals, families and business professionals take the money they would have otherwise paid in taxes and turn that into wealth.

In his free time, Tim is an avid reader and he enjoys adventure sports, traveling, snowboarding, boating and making memories with his family and friends.