Get to Know Us

Nancy Miller

With more than two decades of experience in corporate and marketing communications for a major insurance company, Nancy brings a variety of high-value organization and people skills to our management team. 

Nancy’s career has been built on her dedication to efficient project management, in addition to a strong track record of established relationships with business partners and colleagues.  These relationships, coupled with a solid understanding of nuances involved in moving a project through completion, have allowed her the ability to connect the dots between corporate structure and authentic, real-life connections.  During her corporate career, she was an integral part of launching and implementing the company’s first intranet solution, enabling internal communications to function with a superior level of clarity and efficiency.  She also played a key role in developing a social presence for the company, which allowed enhanced engagement with the public. 

Following her corporate career, Nancy spent three years working in an insurance agency office, where she also obtained multiline insurance licenses.  It was in this role that she learned the true meaning of the phrase “delivering on the promise.”   By working with clients directly, Nancy became actively involved in the problem-solving process from start to finish – matching problems and opportunities with solutions and products and making sure that clients received the best possible on-going service.  

Nancy has an Associate’s Degree, is a commissioned Notary Public, and has completed Level 1 of the FMLI designation from LOMA.

Nancy and her husband, Scott, share five amazing daughters. When she isn’t spending time with her family, Nancy enjoys working with her saltwater aquarium, antiquing, landscaping and decorating.